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Figure this should be done here. We all pretty much know who we like to play, but I'd like to start a DIBS thread.

Just because I'm black and I like the word Dibs.

So... I call: Giles & Gunn, the G&G Connection.

I also call, if no one objects or wants to play him, Spike.

Feb. 12th, 2008

Okay. Here's my smokin' idea... with less smoke and lots more fire. It's the Council... of Evil, basically. This is what happens.

You know those vampires back from Buffy season whatever that chowed down on the Watcher's Council? Well, they were more than just a handful of normal vampires. They did it for a reason. It was part of some ancient ritual that would allow them to do some evil shit. The blood was never really swallowed (ew much?) and it was put away for safe keeping.

This is the part where we put in the 'Years Later...' subtitles. So imagine them now.

So when the subtitles fade, we come upon a new headquarters for the Watcher's Council. Well, not the one that Giles is heading up. And not the one that all of our good people belong to. Oh no. A much darker and sinister one. One that involves the reanimated and possessed bodies of the former members of the Watcher's Council. They've all been reborn as minions of the Big Bad of our own Season 8.

Whatever the hell that is.

Which means that they're all fair game to be slaughtered. However, while they may be minions, they're also still Watchers and they use their influence, resources and other mystical connections and abilities to bring forth legions of doom to help take London. If they can take London, then they can use it as a supernatural hub to conquer the world. Or something like that.

So that's the basis for what I thought could spark a season's worth of stuff. it needs to be streamlined and more story-fitted, but.... I think it's a solid enough foundation.

Holla' back.


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